Stealth Anti-Tracking IR Infrared License Plate Blocker Privacy Frame, ALPR Countermeasure

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Here at SunflexZone we are concerned about the recent increase in civilian surveillance and tracking by governments and private organizations around the world. We consider it a grave threat to our privacy and something that should not be tolerated or accepted.
One of the most common methods of tracking is using a device called, Automatic license-plate recognition (ALPR), Automatic license-plate reader (ALPR) or Automatic vehicle identification(AVI) depending on your location.
This device automatically records every license plate number it encounters. It is now being mounted along roads and in police cars/private vehicles in the US, UK and around the world. A police car on patrol can record 30000+ license plate numbers a shift. That data is often stored for years and can be used to create a detailed travel record profile of the vehicles it records.
ALPR, and most traffic enforcement cameras, usually use Infrared cameras to record this data. So we have created a special low profile license plate frame that emits a high intensity IR light that is projected onto the plate and effectively blinds the device's camera. This light is invisible to the human eye.
-This is how the frame appears to the human eye.
-This is how the frame will look to an IR sensitive camera. Effectively making the number plate unreadable and maintaining your privacy.
Using IR light is superior to traditional reflective sprays and physical license plate photo -blocker covers for the following reasons: Sprays only work against flash based cameras and their effectiveness is questionable, they provide no protection against IR-only cameras or ALPR. Physical photoblocker plate covers, while usually highly effective, must physically cover the numbers, are easily identifiable and very much illegal in most areas.
The frame can be mounted on the top or bottom of the license plate, or both using two frames for double protection. If using only one frame we recommend you mount on the top for extra safety. This frame can be wired into any 12V DC connection on your car. We would like to recommend you install an on/off switch. Our design is universal and can fit almost any license plate size around the world. If you have no technical knowledge almost any Mechanic or A/V Shop can wire these up in minutes.
Below is a personal introduction from the founder of SunflexZone and a product introduction.

Below is a comparison of how the naked eye/normal camera will see the frame and how a camera without an IR filter, which accounts for 99% of traffic enforcement cameras, will see it.

Also note that we created this product to protect your privacy, and although it is effective against most speed, red light and other enforcement cameras, it is absolutely not intended to help you get away with any illegal activity. Also, even though you cannot see it, this product emits a very bright light, so it is recommended you not stare directly at it at close range for the same reason you would not stare into a flashlight or car headlight.
Patent Pending.
This listing is for one frame, if you live in a State or Country that requires vehicles to install front and rear license plates it is recommended you purchase two frames, we have a special two frame price, please see our duel plate listing Please Click Here.
Product comes with a 14 day return policy and a 6 month warranty. Products will be shipped via airmail, it usually takes 5-9 days to the US, Euro and Australia, but please allow up to 14 days. Other areas may take a bit longer.
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