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Product Comparison and Selection Guide

We offer two different products so people often wonder what is the difference between them and which product(s) are right for them. This guide should help you make a better selection based on your needs. It should also be noted that ALL of our products can be used together. 

Our products are designed to counter Automatic License Plate Reader Cameras, or ALPR for short. These cameras directly read and store license plate data without any human effort. ALPR cameras almost always operate exclusively in the infrared spectrum, and usually on a very narrow wavelength. They may have a secondary color camera, but this camera only services to capture a wide angle vehicle photo. It does not read the license plate and only snaps after the IR camera obtains a reading. ALPR cameras are usually used on Police vehicles, highways and tollways. They represent a real threat to personal privacy.

 Lets start with our LED based Stealth Anti-Tracking Privacy Frame 

This product uses high powered Infrared Light to confuse infrared based ALPR or Automatic License Plate Reader Cameras (Number Plate Readers in Europe). 

Advantages: Since no part actually covers the plate it is legal in practically all areas. It also provides some protection against non-ALPR red-light/speed cameras making it a good all-around product. Fits practically all license plate sizes around the world. Cheaper than our IR-Invisible Plate Cover.

Disadvantages: Installation requires wiring it into the vehicle's electrical system, not as effective as our IR-Invisible Plate Cover (Effectiveness averages 67%). Effectiveness is effected by outside lighting conditions.

Next is our IR-Invisible Plate Cover

This product acts as an Infrared filter, filtering out 95% of IR light while allowing in 99% of visible light.

Advantages: Very effective against ALPR Cameras (90%+). Easy installation. Very discreet and barely noticeable.

Disadvantages: May not be totally legal in all jurisdictions. Provides nearly no protection against non-ALPR flash based cameras. Only available in standard USA/Canada/Mexico car/motorcycle car sizes.


In conclusion, we only recommend the Stealth Anti-Tracking LED Frame if you live in a State or Country that absolutely prohibits any license plate covers whatsoever or our products are not available in your size.