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License Plate Data May Have Been Misused in Welfare Investigations

Jarod Heath

Data being misused? Who would have thought...

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ANPR Automatic number plate readers spreading throughout Canada

Jarod Heath Automatic license plate readers continue to proliferate

Canada Sees Spread of ANPR Systems     Unfortunately, the proliferation of ANPR/ALPR the common acronyms for the notorious automatic license plate readers, has accelerated throughout many metro areas of our neighbors to the North, the great land of Canada. An article posted on September 1st by the Ottawa Citizen ( link: ) describes this disturbing trend and also unfortunate; it's one of the few that highlight the privacy concerns of this technology.      As the spread of license plate reader systems continues at a staggering rate, little is acknowledged by the major media outlets. Many articles and news stories...

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Private companies using ALPR data

Jarrod Belcher

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