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License Plate Data May Have Been Misused in Welfare Investigations

Jarod Heath

Data being misused? Who would have thought...

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  • Rick Hawkins on

    Much to my disappointment this product simply promises to take your money and leave you standing with the big ticket in your hand should you have your photo taken at a tollbooth.. it’s just a flimflam Scam that will take your money And not back it up what they Swore what the product could do.

  • Darren Chaker on

    Who would have thought? Unfortunately ALPR technology is wide spread and available to just not anyone with a badge, but also anyone with a credit card. Many databases, such as TLO offer pay per use options to seek out a specific car. The Electronic Frontier Foundation recently published a paper about the how ALPR is used. Keep up your efforts! Darren Chaker

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