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Installation Guidelines

In order to be more environmentally friendly and to keep the costs to our customers as low as possible, we try to use as little paper as possible. So we are providing our installation and instruction guidelines in digital form. Please select your product(s) below.

Please click here for the Stealth Infrared License Plate Blocker Frame

Please click here for the IR-Invisible License Plate Cover

Please click here for the PhotoDefense License Plate Cover

If painting the Stealth IR Frame to match your vehicle's color, the warning label should be retained.

We strongly recommend using all 4 screws (or clips if your vehicle lacks 4 holes) when attaching IR-Invisible Plate and PhotoDefense covers because they are thin and you want to prevent flapping in the wind at high speeds. This could lead to attention and possible breaking off, if excessive.

When cleaning the Plate Covers do not use abrasive materials or heavy chemicals.  

Should you have any trouble accessing the Guidelines please contact us at and we will be happy to email them to you.

Thanks for being our valued customer!